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SST89C58   74HC573   

Reference design for SST ATA-Disk Chip into 8051 microcontroller
Application note

Abstract: this application note introduces the hardware and firmware of reference design for SST ATA-Disk Chip SST58SD/LDxxx into SST FlashFlex51 SST89C54/58 (8051 compatible microcontroller).

1.    Hardware connections:
           Please reference to attached schematic diagram for hardware connections.
      SST ATA-Disk Chip (ADC) SST58SD/LDxxx only supports one working mode, ie. ATA/IDE mode, all control signals are connected based on Table 2-8, Page 14 on datasheet. After executed Set Feature Command to enable 8-bit data transfers, all higher 8 bit data bus ( D8-D15) are don’t care and can be No Connect. RESET# (pin1) is optional, it can be tied up to Vcc if not used. After power-up, ADC will automatically be reset internally, it doesn’t need external reset input. But it’s a good practice to connect RESET# to one of I/O pins such as P1.4, in case ADC is out of control for any unknown reasons, host MCU has capability to reset ADC. DASP# is connected to an emitting diode through a resistor to Vcc, LED provides user a visibility of ADC’s internal operation. When ADC is active busy on operation, LED will be on. Please be noted that master/slave Selection at CSEL pin won’t take effect until Next reset, in other words, if you change the jumper setting of master/slave selection, you MUST reset ADC once.
    If  your application system expands any other I/O or data memory, please modify the reference design: (1)change CS3FX# to Vcc, (2)connect the output of address decoder to CS1FX#.  When both CS1FX#  and CS3FX# are high,  ADC is de-selected and be standby state, all data bus are in high-z. When CS1FX# is low, ADC is selected and be operational. So CS1FX# acts as Chip Select (/CS) in most common peripherals.
2.    Firmware design guide:
         It’s important to know that ATA/IDE standard doesn’t permit access only one byte at a time to its media such as HDD or ADC, firmware must read or write data sector by sector, 1 sector has 512 bytes of data,  system design engineer must design data buffer to support random access to ADC. Reference design uses the secondary block (4Kbytes x 8bit) of on-chip flash in SST89C54/58 as data buffer.
        After power-up or external reset, ADC is default to be 16-bit operation. As SST89C54/58 is 8-bit MCU, firmware must enable 8-bit operation by Set Features Command, please reference to page 32 on datasheet.
        If ADC is set as Slave, other than Master, you need to change the bit4 in Drive/Head Register to be 1 when writing Command to ADC, see page 17 on datasheet.
        After power-on or reset,  ADC will be ready to read / write operation after 200ms (typical), 500ms (maximum), see page 1 under Start Up Time in Features on datasheet.
3.    Conclusion:
It’s easy to modify this reference design to any other embedded controllers as long as you follow above design guidelines.
4.    Schematic diagram:
5.    8051 Source code:

; all commands supported by ADC.

ChkPwr          Equ  0E5h    ; 98h
Diagnostic      Equ  90h
Format           Equ  50h
Identify           Equ  0ECh
Idle                 Equ  0E3h    ; 97h
IdleImm     Equ  0E1h    ; 95h
Initialize          Equ  91h
ReadBuf         Equ  0E4h
ReadLong      Equ  22h     ; 23h
ReadMulti       Equ  0C4h
ReadSctr        Equ  20h     ; 21h
ReadVerify      Equ  40h     ; 41h
Recalibrate     Equ  10h     ; 1xh
Seek               Equ  70h     ; 7xh
SetFeature      Equ  0EFh
SetMulti           Equ  0C6h
Sleep              Equ  0E6h    ; 99h
Standby          Equ  0E2h    ; 96h
StandbyImm   Equ  0E0h    ; 94h
WriteBuf          Equ  0E8h
WriteLong       Equ  32h     ; 33h
WriteMulti       Equ  0C5h
WriteSctr        Equ  30h     ; 31h
WriteVerify     Equ  3Ch


; ADC Drive Register Set definitions
Data_Reg          Equ  8000h   ; Data Register for read / write
Error_Reg         Equ  8001h   ; Error Register, read only
Features           Equ  8001h   ; features Register, write only
Sectr_Cnt         Equ  8002h   ; Sector Count Register ( R / W )
Sectr_No          Equ  8003h   ; Sector Number Register, or LBA0:7 ( R / W )
Cylinder_Low    Equ  8004h   ; Cylinder Low Register or LBA8:15 ( R / W )
Cylinder_Hi       Equ  8005h   ; Cylinder High Register or LBA16:23 ( R / W )
Drv_Head        Equ  8006h   ; Drive Head Register ( R / W )
Status              Equ  8007h   ; Status Register, read only
Command        Equ  8007h   ; Command Register, write only

Alt_Status        Equ  4006h   ; Alternate Status Register, read only,
; reading Alt_Status doesn't clear interrupt pending flag. Not used in this demo.
Device_Ctrl      Equ  4006h   ; Device Control Register, write only. Not used in this demo.
Drive_Addrs     Equ  4007h   ; Drive Address Register, read only. Not used in this demo.

; SST FlashFlex51 microcontroller related SFR's definition

SFCF        DATA    0B1H    ; SuperFlash Configuration
SFCM        DATA    0B2H    ; SuperFlash Command
SFAL        DATA    0B3H    ; SuperFlash Address Low
SFAH        DATA    0B4H    ; SuperFlash Address High
SFDT        DATA    0B5H    ; SuperFlash Data
SFST        DATA    0B6H    ; SuperFlash Status
WDTC        DATA    0C0H    ; Watchdog Timer Control
WDTD        DATA    86H               ; Watchdog Timer Data/Reload

; constant      definition

FlashAddrs      Equ     0F800h   ; start address to store data from ADC


        org   0000h
        ljmp  start

        org   0100h
start:        clr       P1.4        ; reset ADC
        setb    P1.4

          mov    r4, #5      ; delay 0.5 second
loadr5:    mov    r5, #200        ; delay 0.1 second
loadr6:    mov    r6, #250        ; delay 0.5ms for 12MHz crystal
        djnz    r6, $
        djnz    r5, loadr6
        djnz    r4, loadr5

        acall   Enable8bit        ; First of all, enable 8 bits operation!


        orl      SFCF,   #40h     ; IAPEN=1
        mov   SFAH,   #high(FlashAddrs)
        mov   SFAL,   #low(FlashAddrs)
        mov   B,         #8     ; erase 8 sectors (512 bytes)


erase:              mov   SFCM,   #0Bh        ; sector erase!
        acall   Done?
              mov   a,    SFAL
        add    a,    #64                  ;  64 bytes / sector in Block 1 of SST89C54/58
        mov   SFAL, a
        mov   a,    SFAH
        addc  a,    #0
        mov   SFAH, a
        djnz    B,    erase

        anl   SFCF,   #0BFh        ; disable IAP
main:        acall Write_Sctr

        acall Read_Sctr

        acall Compare

        jb      F0, fail

        clr     P1.4              ; indicates successful operations.
        setb  P1.5
        sjmp  $

fail:                clr     P1.5              ; flags failed comaprison.
        setb  P1.4
        sjmp  $

Function:    acall  Busy

        mov  dptr, #Sectr_Cnt
        mov  a, R2                    ; R2 is Sector Count
        movx @dptr, a
        mov  dptr, #Sectr_No
        mov  a, R3                ; R3 contains LBA0:7
        movx @dptr, a

        mov  dptr, #Cylinder_Low
        mov  a, R4                ; R4 contains LBA8:15
        movx @dptr, a

        mov  dptr, #Cylinder_Hi
        mov  a, R5                 ; R5 contains LBA16:23
        movx @dptr, a

        mov  dptr, #Drv_Head
        mov  a, R6                 ; R6 contains LBA24:27
        anl    a,    #00001111b
        orl     a,    #11100000b   ; bit4=0 as MASTER, 1 as Slave; bit6=1, enable LBA.
        movx @dptr, a
        mov  dptr, #command
        mov  a, R7                     ; R7 is command code.
        movx @dptr, a


Busy:             mov  dptr, #status
        movx a, @dptr
        jb   acc.7, Busy
               jb   acc.0, errors
;        jnb  acc.6, Busy
        clr  a                        ; acc=0 when successful
        clr  C                        ; C=0, ADC is not busy (BUSY=0) and no error (ERR=0)
        ret            ; and is ready to accept commands (RDY=1)

errors:           mov  dptr, #Error_Reg
        movx a, @dptr
        setb C                      ; C=1 flags error codes contained in ACC register


WaitDRQ:      mov  dptr, #status
        movx a, @dptr
        jb   acc.7,  WaitDRQ     ; if BUSY=1, then WaitDRQ
        jnb  acc.3, WaitDRQ     ; if DRQ=0, then WaitDRQ
               jb   acc.0,  errors           ; if ERR=1, then read errors code and set flag C
;        jnb  acc.6, WaitDRQ
        clr  a
        clr  C                             ; C=0, ADC is BUSY=0, DRQ=1, ERR=0.


Done?:       mov   a, SFST
        jb       acc.2,     Done?


Enable8bit:    acall Busy
        mov   dptr, #Features
        mov   a,    #01h              ; enable 8 bit data transfer
        movx  @dptr, a

        mov   dptr, #Drv_Head
        mov   a,    #11100000b  ; bit4=0 as MASTER, 1 as Slave ; bit6=1, enable LBA
        movx  @dptr, a

        mov   dptr, #COMMAND
        mov   a,    #SetFeature    ; #0EFh
        movx  @dptr, a


Write_Sctr:    mov   R2,   #1            ; write 1 sector at a time.
        mov   R3,   #0Ah        ; suppose LBA to be 000000Ah
        mov   R4,   #0
        mov   R5,   #0
        mov   R6,   #0
        mov   R7,   #WriteSctr
        acall   Function

        acall   WaitDRQ

        acall   Write512



Write512:    mov   R0,   #high(message) ; get the higher address of message
        mov   R1,   #low(message)  ; get the lower address of message
        mov   R7,   #2                      ; 512 bytes = 2 * 256
        mov   B,    #0          

write:        mov   dph,  R0             ; get the address
        mov   dpl,   R1
        clr      a         
        movc  a,    @a+dptr     ; get the data in message
        inc      dptr                    ; point to next byte in message
        mov   R0,   dph            ; save the address
        mov   R1,   dpl

        mov   DPTR, #Data_Reg      ; point to ADC
        movx  @dptr, a                     ; write 1 byte data into ADC

        djnz  B,   write
        djnz  R7, write                       ; write all 512 bytes to ADC



Read_Sctr:    mov   R2,   #1               ; read 1 sector at a time.
        mov   R3,   #0Ah           ; suppose LBA to be 000000Ah
        mov   R4,   #0
        mov   R5,   #0
        mov   R6,   #0
        mov   R7,   #ReadSctr
        acall  Function

        acall   WaitDRQ

        acall   Read512


; read 1 sector of 512 bytes data and write into flash on chip of SST FlashFlex51 MCU

Read512:    mov   R7,      #2          ; 512 bytes = 2 * 256
        mov   B,        #0
        mov   dptr,    #Data_Reg
        mov   SFAH, #high(FlashAddrs)
        mov   SFAL, #low(FlashAddrs)
        orl      SFCF, #40h        ; set IAPEN=1 to enable IAP

read:        movx  a,  @dptr         ; read 1 byte data from ADC

        mov   SFDT, a           ; program into on-chip flash
        mov   SFCM, #0Eh    ; issue Byte-Program command
        acall   Done?          ; wait until done

        mov   a,  SFAL          ; adjust the address of flash
        add    a,  #1
        mov   SFAL, a
        mov   a,  SFAH
        addc  a,  #0        
        mov   SFAH, a

        djnz  B,   read
        djnz  R7, read

        anl   SFCF, #0BFh        ; disable IAP
Compare:      mov   dptr,    #message         ;  point to message

        mov   SFAH,  #high(FlashAddrs)
        mov   SFAL,  #low(FlashAddrs)

        orl      SFCF, #40h            ; IAPEN=1
                      clr      F0
        mov   R7,   #2
        mov   B,    #0

verify:        clr       a
        movc  a,    @a+dptr           ; get  original data in message
               inc     dptr
        mov   SFCM, #0Ch            ; issue BYTE-VERIFY command
        xrl     a, SFDT         ; SFDT contains data  in flash, these data come from ADC
        jz      skip

        setb  F0                         ; set flag F0 (PSW.5) if any discrepancy.

skip:         mov   a,  SFAL              ; increase the address of flash
        add    a,  #1
        mov   SFAL, a
        mov   a,  SFAH
        addc  a,  #0        
        mov   SFAH, a

        djnz  B,  verify
        djnz  R7, verify
        anl   SFCF, #0BFh           ; disable IAP

message:      DB  "This demo program demonstrates how easy to design "
        DB  "SST ATA-Disk Chip into SST FlashFlex51 embedded microcontroller. "
        DB  "After you understand how to use the basic WriteSector and ReadSector "
        DB  "functions, it's easy to try any others."
        DB  "The hardware connection between ADC and MCU is also very simple,"
        DB  "just like you expand any I/O or data memory in your application system. "
        DB  "After power-on, ADC is default to be 16 bit operation as all EIDE "
        DB  "standards, firmware needs enable 8 bit operation before "
        DB  "further write / read operation."
        end 如果觉得 SST89C58电子盘电路及代码这篇文章不错,可以推荐给朋友分享哦。
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